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October 2013

Cake Girls and our cake words

Sometimes we forget how much we speak a different language. The language of cake & sarcasm. So, in order to help you understand us here's a Muggles Guide to CH&L Language:   Fancy - Adj. (fan-see) meaning quite the opposite of what you traditionally know this to mean. If something isn't quite up to par, [...]

The Cake Girls have a spend the night party

There are weeks during the year that you just know that you are going to pull long nights. For us, mid June is always that week. It just so happens that Connie & I both have a son with a birthday that week too. Let me tell you, it's like the week of terror every year. [...]

The Cake Girls and the baby giraffe

Part of what makes Cake, Hope, & Love such a unique bakery is that most of the decorations we make are hand made. This is awesome for our clients and sometimes challenging for us. Recently we receive a commission for a jungle themed baby shower cake. The cake was assigned to McKeara. She had to [...]

The Cake Girls go on a diet

Yes. You read that right. Every single one of us in the shop is on a diet. Together. In a CAKE shop. Surrounded by all manner of sugary sweets. Each one of us has our own kryptonite in here. For Connie it's the Pumpkin Roll. For Keara it's the Warm Brown Sugar cupcake. For me, [...]

Meet your favorite Cake Girls

So, we've been around our shop now for about two and a half years. We've been chatting on social media for a lot longer. I think it's time you all get formerly introduced to us. We're the girls hanging out behind the red door you see in the shop. You know, the ones cranking out [...]

April 2013

TGIF – Daily Menu

TGIF Cake Nation! The weekend is almost here. Banana Bourbon and Fat Daddy are back on the counter! Check out all of today's flavors! Pineapple Mango *NEW (Pineapple cake filled with a mango butter and topped with a vanilla buttercream) Coconut Blueberry Lavender Lemon Almond Coconut Banana Bourbon Blackberries & Cream Vanilla Bean Cookies 'n [...]

March 2013

Daily Menu

Happy Tuesday Cake Nation! It's a pretty sweet day here in the shop. We'll be here until 6pm. Snickerdoodle Hazelnut late Rolo (because it's national choc. & caramel day!) M&M Nerds Chocolate sundae S'mores Buckeye Sweet vanilla caramel White choc raspberry

St. Patty’s Day Cupcakes – Daily Menu

St. Patty's Day Cupcakes It's a wonderful Thursday here in the CH&L kitchen! We've got more new flavors for you today! The Buckeye Shamrock Mint Chocolate Chip Lucky Charms Wedding Day (used to be Breakfast Tiffanys) Irish Car Bomb - Chocolate Stout Cake filled with a Ganache of Chocolate, Nutella, & Whiskey that topped with [...]

St. Patrick’s Day Cupcakes – Daily Menu

St. Patrick's Day Cupcakes Happy Wednesday Cake Nation! We've added to the St.Patty's Line today! The Buckeye Peaches & Cream Birthday Bash HoneyBee Shamrock Lucky Charms Mint Chocolate Chip Queen Frostine Boston Cream Pie Snickerdoodle It's a great day to be a cupcaker. See you soon & stay sweet! We will be adding to the [...]

Daily Menu

Happy St.Patty's week Cake Nation! We've got a fantastic menu for you! So, come on in and warm up at the shop! Shamrock Buckeye Birthday Bash Grasshopper Peaches & Cream Pink Lemonade PB&J Cookies & Milk White Chocolate Red Velvet Strawberry Cream Cheese We've also got Push Pops & St.Patty's Cake Pops!