//Cake Girls and our cake words

Sometimes we forget how much we speak a different language. The language of cake & sarcasm. So, in order to help you understand us here’s a Muggles Guide to CH&L Language:


Fancy – Adj. (fan-see) meaning quite the opposite of what you traditionally know this to mean. If something isn’t quite up to par, it’s pretty fancy. If I come in looking like a train wreck, I’m a fancy girl.

Freaking Meow – Exclamation (just how it sounds) For a while the shop made a lot of cat cakes and cupcakes. I used to say it’s freaking me out. I was sure we were going to become the cat shop of Beavercreek. During our cat months, freaking me out evolved to freaking meow.

Molasses – Noun (ma -lass -es) We use shortening in our shop. We grease a lot of cake pans every week so we buy it in 50# cubes. Well, we were training someone and they kept calling it molasses. So, we just kind of adopted it. Well, when the next gal came in she was thoroughly confused when we told her we greased our cake pans with molasses.

A Situation – Noun (just like you read it) This happens to us all the time. If we get ourselves in to a tight spot, we’ve gotten ourselves into a situation. Prime example. Connie & I are running late to set up at a bridal show. About 10 minutes away from our destination I realize that we’ve forgotten all forms of signage AND our business cards. It was a situation.

Good Ideas – Noun (just like you think it sounds) This is when we have a great idea that flops. A really great example is when we came up with cereal week for cupcakes. We sold about a dozen of those. It was a really good idea. I usually have tons of good ideas. (sarcasm)

That girl is trying to fight me – Exclamation (yup – the same as always) This saying stems from our training video (an upcoming blog) we use at the shop. If a client has a particularly complex order and/or has a lot of minute details, it’s been known for us to say that the customer is trying to fight us. It’s our way of saying – holy smokes – this is complicated!


Right. So, now you’re a little more hip to what we chat about behind the red door.

a shot of our red door at the shop

a shot of our red door at the shop