//Meet your favorite Cake Girls

So, we’ve been around our shop now for about two and a half years. We’ve been chatting on social media for a lot longer. I think it’s time you all get formerly introduced to us. We’re the girls hanging out behind the red door you see in the shop. You know, the ones cranking out endless trays of cupcakes, consuming unhealthy amounts of coffee, rocking batter smeared aprons,and generally sweetening things up. We’ve had so many days together now we’re kind of like Cake Family.

So, there are currently seven of us. Ready for the intros? There will be a quiz at the end of this blog.


Say hello to Courtney, a.k.a Little Princess. Most of us have what we call cake names. We’ll blog about those too. Courtney has been with us the longest of all the girls. We hired her under the pretense of “light baking” and mostly counter work. Fast forward to now and she pretty much runs the place and the oven is mostly hers. She has probably baked most of the cupcakes you’ve eaten from our shop. That’s why you guys love her so much!


Next is Keara, a.k.a. McKeara. Keara is our resident cake decorator. Chances are if you’ve gotten a cake from us, Keara has had a hand in it. She’s also the one responsible for our ultra popular Pumpkin Rolls. Yeah. You guys should totally thank her next time you’re in. I swear those things are like crack. Keara is the mom to three ultra adorable girls. The only girls in the shop. Everyone else has boys!


Meet Emily. Emily needs a cake name. Seriously. She is the cake girl that bakes every single cake the shop puts out. That pretty much means without her we’d just be Hope & Love. Just doesn’t quite have the same ring to it does it? Yeah. You may not see her at the counter, but you should totally yell hello to her next time you’re there. Especially if you want cake!


Say hello to Caitlin. Caitlin also needs a cake name. Desperately. Any suggestions? Caitlin is the cake girl that keep the place open on the weekend evenings so you can get your sweet on. Yeah. She just became the favorite of some of you didn’t she? She is also the BEST cleaner ever. I mean, it’s like a super power of hers.


Now say hello to Patti. Patti has been with us about seven weeks I think. She is currently interning with us and we are hoping to have her as part of the Cake Girls permanently. Patti is the one who has a costume and a treat for EVERY occasion. I mean, her pirate costume for talk like a pirate day rocked the house. Not to mention she can sculpt like she was born to.


Next up we have Connie. A.k.a Head Princess. Connie is the other owner at CH&L. If you’ve gotten emails or returned phone calls, Connie was probably the one you talked to. If you’ve had glitter on your cupcake or cakes – she ABSOLUTELY was the one to do that. If your cake order was pink or girly, Connie designed that. And have you seen our Pinterest boards? Connie mastered that.


And lastly, there’s me, Shannon. CH&L as you know it started in my kitchen with two springform 9″ pans from TJ MAXX, a block of fondant, & a you tube video. Fast forward about 5 years and here we are. One big happy Cake Family. Dysfunctional and happy.