//The Cake Girls and the baby giraffe

Part of what makes Cake, Hope, & Love such a unique bakery is that most of the decorations we make are hand made. This is awesome for our clients and sometimes challenging for us.

Recently we receive a commission for a jungle themed baby shower cake. The cake was assigned to McKeara. She had to make the animal figures out of fondant to add to this cake. Now, let me preface the rest of the blog by saying the animals, all of them, were adorable. The customer was beyond pleased and that makes us happy cake girls.

So, I see Keara making her animals. I happen to be working on the same table as her on another cake. I notice she is making a baby giraffe. Now, without being Jack Hannah most of us know that giraffes have one really distinguishing feature – their long neck. I notice that Kearas little baby fondant giraffe is neck-less. As in, it’s missing a neck all together. It’s quite possibly the cutest neck-less baby giraffe ever.

So, I mention to her that I notice that’s it’s a bit on the short side. She seemed a bit flustered. Uh -oh. Damage control. Thinking quick but not smart on my feet I assure her that baby giraffes are all born without necks. Truly.

Not really though.

As I am assuring Keara that  her giraffe is the norm Patti speaks up, “They are? Baby giraffes are born without necks?”


Oh my.


baby neckless giraffe

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