//The Cake Girls go on a diet

Yes. You read that right. Every single one of us in the shop is on a diet. Together. In a CAKE shop. Surrounded by all manner of sugary sweets. Each one of us has our own kryptonite in here. For Connie it’s the Pumpkin Roll. For Keara it’s the Warm Brown Sugar cupcake. For me, it’s all the pumpkin flavors and the sweet potato pie. I mean seriously. What were we thinking? And to boot it all, we’re doing this for six months. 180 days. ALL THE DAYS. And during those days pumpkin spice lattes are just waiting to be consumed …. By other people. Dang. Diets are hard.


So, during this hard time at the shop we all have been trying REALLY hard to not eat our favorite things. Well, we had one of the tastiest things ever scheduled into the shop one Friday night. One of our favorite food trucks, Zombie Dogz. There was no way we were going to skip partaking in that deliciousness. So, we decided that we were going to eat light Thursday and Friday so we could splurge on the calories Friday night. About Thursday at noon we were getting really edgy. Keara was making pumpkin roll after delicious pumpkin roll. I think Connie may have been crying in the corner at this point. I was making zombie sugar cookies. Well, it just so happens *cough* that one of them didn’t turn out.

So I ate it. All of it. I about two seconds flat.

zombie cookies

Weakness is contagious because Keara swiped pumpkin roll faster than you can say cupcake. And then, I see Connie moving toward us with a look in her eye than can only be described as crazy. Pumpkin roll piece annihilated. The three of us just stood there looking at one another feeling that happy guilty feeling only cheating on your diet can induce.

Courtney was due in. Now, did I mention we were competing for money in this diet? Yeah. Brings this to a whole new level. So, if we cheated, now we have to trick Courtney in to doing the same.


So, as Courtney headed to the mixers to do her “light baking” there may or may not have been a perfect sugar cookie that had EAT ME piped on it.

Playing field leveled.


diets are hard ecard