//The Cake Girls have a spend the night party

There are weeks during the year that you just know that you are going to pull long nights. For us, mid June is always that week. It just so happens that Connie & I both have a son with a birthday that week too. Let me tell you, it’s like the week of terror every year.

Well, last year was no exception. We had three whole decorators employed at the time. One was a part time girl and the other two happened to be me & Connie. Awesome. We like to set ourselves up for success <sarcasm>. We had somewhere in the neighborhood of about 30 celebration cakes, four wedding cakes, and I don’t even know how many custom designed cupcake orders.

We showed up on Friday morning about 7:30 with hope in our hearts that we would not be there much past midnight. Hey, optimism is an attribute right? We dug in.

About 2 a.m we realized we’d seriously misjudged the workload.

About 3 a.m our part timer called it a night.

About 4:30 a.m our good feelings were gone.

About 6 a.m we made a Wal Mart run for ribbon. We are both on edge, not too fresh, and exhausted. As we make our way through the store Connie says this:

“Remember that day you asked me if I wanted to start a bakery with you and I said yes?”

“Yeah ….” I’m a little nervous about where this is headed.

“I lied.”


All in all, we worked about 29 hours straight that shift. And amazingly, we’re still friends. And the shop is still here.